PDF to "Plain Text" converter

PDF to Text is a free and exceptionally simple utility that performs automatic conversion of PDF documents to the plain text format. Sometimes you not only need to extract the text from a PDF file, but also want to retain its original structure and layout. This is achieved by using our software.

The interface is so obvious, that it takes literally a few seconds to realize how to work with the tool. A simple drag&drop operation to load the desired PDF into the program, then a single click on the Start button and a plain text file based on the initial PDF is ready to save to the chosen location.

Each file generated with this tool correctly keeps the layout of the source PDF document as much as this is possible with the plain text format. The tool is independent of any third-party libraries and doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your system.

Software work on any Windows system starting from Windows 98 and is 100% free of charge.



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