How to convert PDF to JPEG/JPG

One frequent question I've run across a lot these months in the office is how to convert P.D.F. file to J.P.G. format. This tutorial shows how to P.D.F. documents to images using QPC.

1. Download and install our PDF to Image Converter software into your computer.

2. Start Converter and load your P.D.F. documents into it - click the "Add PDF file" button:


3. Click "Settings" tab, and choose J.P.E.G. as output format. Choose output image quality and resolution:

4. Click the "Start Conversion" button, and QPC will convert all your P.D.F. documents to J.P.G. automatically.

5. Congratulations! You have converted your Adobe PDF document.


In computing, J.P.E.G. (Short for Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a popular way of lossy image compresion for photography. J.P.E.G. compression can be used in many different image file types.  J.P.E.G. is one of typical photo format used by cameras and also other photo image capture devices; together with  J.P.E.G., it's the most typical data format for keeping and transmitting photo images around the Internet. J.P.E.G. files can easily be generated using any of the common image editing software available. For the Net, the image resolution of  J.P.E.G.s must be reduced to 72 DPI, because this is the highest resolution most displays have.

Designed by Adobe Inc and improved more than 16 years, P.D.F. format is a international standard for capturing and reviewing rich info from nearly every software on any computer and spreading it with virtually anybody, anyplace

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