PDF Conversion Tools Review

PDF (Portable Document Format) is an open source file format intended for representing and exchanging various types of documents and images. What makes this format popular is easy file transfer and high compatibility. PDF files encapsulate an extensive array of data, which includes textual information, fonts, graphics, images, etc. However, it takes some special software to edit PDF files; therefore, most users choose to convert PDF files to Word and other editable formats.

There are tools galore out there, by aid of which you can convert your PDF files to Word with ease. Some users appreciate free online file conversion services - like Zamzar; others prefer to use downloadable software, most of which is shareware. The former is more suitable for those who have to convert occasionally, while the latter will be a better choice for those who have to convert regularly as part of their occupation. Another advantage of conversion software installed on your PC is that it remains operational during IT disconnection.

Both online and downloadable tools are user friendly and do not require big work experience. Usually, they support several formats, such as PDF, DOC (Word, RTF), TXT, HTML, XLS, PNG, JPEG, etc.

Some advanced PDF converters feature batch function, which permits users to convert scores and even hundreds of PDF files to Word in one go. Total PDF Converter – a powerful file conversion utility is a good example. Created by Softplicity group, Total PDF Converter is considered to be one of the most versatile and powerful PDF converters available today.

Apart from batch mode, this converter boasts several advanced options, permitting users to go about their output files in all possible ways. For example, you can set it to save each page of a multi-page PDF file or eBook as a separate Word document. Also, if you would like to correct the text in your PDF file, you can convert it to Word, make corrections, and then convert it back to PDF. This converter saves you the necessity of using Adobe Acrobat.

Most shareware tools have free demo versions with trial periods averaging 30 days. A beginner can download a trial version and use it throughout the trial period and make his or her own opinion and share it with the developer. It takes just a few days for first time users to grasp the basics of conversion. Most modern tools have intuitive interfaces, so they only need to choose Word as a target format for their files.

With Zamzar – a popular online conversion service – you can convert PDF files to Word and have them mailed to you. This tool is no less user friendly than any installable utility. All you need to do is click Browse and then follow Step 1, Step2, Step 3 and Step 4.

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